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All Rights Reserved. Copyright, Kerry Ray Tracy 2000
Technically, I am a Photographer by trade. For about the last 10
years I have run my own Portrait/Wedding photography studio.
Additionally, I sell a selection of fine art prints to people all over the
world, via the internet.
My interest in sculpting began in 1988, and has steadily grown over
the last 13 years. It wasn't until the last 2 years when I began to edge
my way towards the technique that I am now using. While I know
that many artist scoff at the thought of using Super Sculpey as a
medium to work in. I find that it fits perfectly with the style that I have
developed. Sculpey allows for a great deal of detail. My decision to
choose terra cotta pots, to adhere my work to, came purely by
accident. The addition of concrete and in some cases chipped tile,
came about just last year. While I always hope that my work and
technique expands through my lifetime, I'm also very happy with the
results it's now providing.

K Tracy
Kerry Ray Tracy
Feel free to write!
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