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This is a small selection of my newest work. For more
information about them or for commissioned work. Please
feel free to e-mail.
All Rights Reserved. Copyright, Kerry Ray Tracy 2000
"Morning Masons," was created in 2000. It is a 2 gallon strawberry pot with an assortment of
Mason hand's building around the pot. It is currently on display and available for purchase at,
Egg-Cetera. Egg-Cetera is located at the Great Mall in Olathe, Kansas.
"Morning Masons's, took a little more then a month to complete. It has
many hours of work on it. To date, it is one of my favorite pieces. "Morning
Masons," makes up as usual a combination of Super sculpey and cement.
To prevent rain from doing any kind of long term damage to the pot, it has
been sealed. Please take the time, if you live in the area, to go by and have
a closer look at, "Morning Mason's."