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The following work is a sample of the sculptures that I have
produced in the last couple of years. While it doesn't quite cover
everything that I can and have created, it will give you an idea.
Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions that you may
have. K R Tracy
Most of what I'm working on right now is, Yard Art. Seems to be the
season for working outside, so why not create some sculptures to
decorate your yard or home. Each flower pot sculpture has a layer of
concrete added to the pot. Plus they have been sealed for protection. We
have additional pieces that go outside.
Yard Art:
"The Sun & the Moon!" These pots have an image sculpted onto opposite sides of the
pot. Concrete is of a lite then layer, with the concrete beat back to expose a slight flesh
tone for the sun.
"The Geritols" Old man and Old
woman, "flower" pots.
10" Sundial. Yes, all my dials really work!
These are just a few of my newest pieces that I have been able to find the time to photograph.
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