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I love to work in copper, problem is I don't always have the time
to do it. My dad taught me years ago how to sweat copper.
Never in a million years would I ever believe that I would be
sculpting with it. As with the terra cotta pieces. Each copper
sculpture has a sculpey clay addition to it. The sculpture at the
page heading is, "Solar Man." It has a matching sculpture that is
called,"Lunar Moon."
"Solar Man"
"Solar Man" measures about an 18" radius. It's
center piece is sculpey, tinted with copper
paint, and has a thin coating of mason cement.
Copper suns take about 2 to 3 weeks to
The picture below is the beginnings of, "Lunar Moon." The radius of it right now is
about 2 feet. The inner moon part will be about 10" wide. It should be completed
by sometime in November.
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