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The Geritol Old man and Old woman are as of this time, sculpted
strictly on 4" to 12" pots. The 12" pots can have both the old man
and old woman together.
Each sculpture is done using Super Sculpey, and then the petals
and stem are litely tinted a yellow and green. Once dry, the pots
are then covered in concrete. These particular pots have a sealer
coat of polyurethane. Pots come in both glossy and satin finish.
New Version 2001 design
The newer version of Geritolman and woman, tends to
look more like an actual person. Additionally the newer
version has stain added to the face to give it a wethered
look. After mudding the piece it is then sealed in a satin
lacquer instead of the previous glossy version.
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