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Pieces require up to 4 weeks to complete. For larger items or works
with additional pieces to them, the required time for completion is up to a
month and a half..
We will also provide information on shipping and handling.
The items of work shown are strictly one of a kind pieces. There is no exact
doubles. In most cases I can make a copy of a past piece. But I cannot
promise that it will be an exact duplicate. If you have further questions
about a particular piece, feel free to write. Shipping and handling can be
provided.. Make all checks or money orders out to: Kerry R Tracy. Sorry!
No Credit Cards!
Mailing Address:
Kerry R Tracy
1213 Hunter Lane
Olathe, Kansas. 66061
While I would like to display every item that I have to sell, to be honest it
would be a pain in the rump. To be a little more honest, many of the items I
have displayed on this website, are now gone. Right now my storage of work
amounts to a mere 12 pieces. This is very low I know, but during fall and
winter months my work output really picks up, so that will soon change.
Commissioned pieces require that you put 50% down and the remaining
50% paid upon completion.