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I began designing and creating, Oujia boards
in the fall of 2002. For quite sometime I had
researched how boards were made.
Utilizing sculpture into the boards rounded out
the conversion of a general Ouija board, into
something more alive, and expressive.
As with any kind of art piece, I tend to set my plans way ahead of the completed project. In
total I have 6 designs of Ouija boards that I have set to create. 3 of these boards are
currently in production. 5 out of the 6 boards, have sculptures set into the surface of the
wood. Each sculptured piece entails a working story, or as I like to see it, the sulptures
become the "over seer's" of the spirits which are called upon. These creatures protect you
and the board from harm. Along with my sculptures, there is also colorful designs
throughout, which are done with Berol Prismacolors. Staining is from two sources, a
coffee wash is added first. This helps to set the prismacolor, plus it also helps to weaken
the wood surface so the final stain will take more easily. Then once the wood is dry, it's
smoothed out and 2 coats of satin lacquer is added.

"Pandora's Box"
"Pandora's Box" is my first board that has been fully
completed. It's probably the least sculpted
"sculptured" board. At the head of the board is,
"Lucrid". Lucrid is the "over seer". He's a 13th
century druid, who mediums all spirits who enter
Pandora. Lucrid allows for a candle to be placed
upon him, which gives light onto the board, that the
spirits may follow.
Currently, "Pandora" is without it's matching
planchette. It was recently damaged, but is in the
process of being reconstructed. The Planchette
that is seen with "Pandora" is "Red Orb".
"Red Orb" is a very simple planchette that was
orginally created for another Ouija board.
"Pandora's Box" measures 2 ft. x 2ft. and is 1/2"
thick, yet lite! Emblazened at the bottom is a
Pentagram and a Triquetra. I'm a firm believer that
all boards should have these symbols to keep the
user protected. The Triquetra is especially
important. The only two boards that I have which do
not entail this feature is the "Fairy board" and the
"Angel board" which are not part of the first 6 series
set, but will be part of a later series.

Board measurements:
"Pandora's Box" at 24" x 24" sells for $225. not including postage and handling.
If you're interested in "Pandora" send me an e-mail inquiring about it's matching
Planchette. Which is currently being reconstructed.
All Rights Reserved. Copyright, K R Tracy 2000-02
Add $15.00 for shipping and handling.